What Do I Need to Know to Start a Personal Care Home in Texas?

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At Care Home Consulting, we are often asked about starting a personal care home in Texas. There is a lot to know, but that’s why you have us!

What is a Personal Care Home?

When we use the phrase “personal care home” we’re also talking about what our regulatory agencies classify as a small, Type B Assisted Living. That could be anywhere from, uh, for a licensed community, anywhere from four people, up to 16 people. Uh, anything larger than 16 people, or more than 16 people population would be considered a large Type B assisted living.

So we get a lot of questions about, well, “what do I need to know about starting a care home?” “I think I wanna do it, but what, what do I need to know?”

In Texas assisted living is governed by the Health and Human Service Commission, HHSC or Texas Department of Health and Human Services.

What Do I Need to Know About Starting a Personal Care Home?

There are a lot of things to talk about, but first of all, some common questions and some things to know are: um, what is assisted living in Texas? Do I need to be licensed? Is there more than one type of facility and license (which I just addressed a little bit there)? How do I apply for a license? The website is extensive and confusing. What are the fees? What about changes in information? And/or if I want more than one location, what forms do I need? Where do I get referrals? Do I have to have a nurse on duty?

Really — just what do I do first?

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